Updating your roboRIO firmware

Before updating firmware on your roboRIO, you must have completed installation of the FRC Update Suite. You also must have the roboRIO power properly wired to the Power Distribution Panel as described here.

Note that the firmware is separate from the roboRIO image. You will need to update your roboRIO firmware once after receiving the roboRIO and should only need to do so again if instructed specifically by an update.

Note: The shipping roboRIO firmware is acceptable. This procedure should only be needed if you run into an issue imaging a roboRIO that has older firmware.

Make sure the power wires to the roboRIO are secure and that the connector is secure firmly to the roboRIO (4 total screws to check).

Configuring the roboRIO

The roboRIO must be wired for power and connected to the computer via USB in order to update the firmware.

USB Connection

Connect a USB cable from the roboRIO USB Device port to the PC. This requires a USB Type A male (standard PC end) to Type B male cable (square with 2 cut corners), most commonly found as a printer USB cable.

Note: The roboRIO should only be imaged via the USB connection. Do not update via the Ethernet connection.

Make sure that nothing (including the radio) is connected to the Ethernet port when updating the roboRIO firmware.

Driver Installation

The device driver should install automatically. If you see a "New Device" pop-up in the bottom right of the screen, wait for the driver install to complete before continuing. If the Driver Installation fails, make sure you have installed the 2016 FRC Update Suite and that you have rebooted the computer. If that does not work, try a different USB cable, a bad USB cable can result in the driver installation failing.

Firmware Update Using Web Browser

The embedded web server on the roboRIO requires using a browser which supports Silverlight. Note that Google Chrome has removed Silverlight support, using Internet Explorer is recommended.

Launch Compatible Browser and Navigate to roboRIO

  1. Enter the address in your browser's address bar and press enter.
  2. Click Login. Enter "admin" in the Username field and leave the Password field blank.
  3. Click Update Firmware

Locate Firmware

Browse to Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\cRIO\76F2\ Program Files(x86) on 64 bit and select the latest firmware, then click Open (this image shows version 2.0.0f1).

Begin Update

Begin Update

Verify that the firmware selected is correct, then click Begin Update


A progress indicator will appear below the toolbar. Do not close the browser or power off the roboRIO until the process completes and the message appears "The firmware update completed successfully".

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