Driver Station Best Practices

Driver Station Best Practices

This document created by Steve Peterson, with contributions from Juan Chong, James Cole-Henry, Rick Kosbab, Greg McKaskle, Chris Picone, Chris Roadfeldt, Joe Ross, and Ryan Sjostrand. The original post and followup posts can be found here:

The document covers many areas to help teams be successful at competitions linking to the field and having their robot operate the way that they want. There are a number of topics:

  • Prior to departing for the competition discusses ways that you can be prepared with the right laptop, configured to have the least issues at an event with the best performance.
  • At the competition has tips to make sure that the driver station and robot have no connection issues during matches and in your pit.
  • Before each match has tips when actually connecting to the field and how to solve problems with joysticks that might come up during a match.

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