Next Steps

Once you have the GearsBot and PacGoat examples running, there are a number of possible next steps to get familiar with programming FRC robots in simulation and to improve your robotics programming ability.

Extend autonomous

  • GearsBot: Extend the example autonomous to pickup and deliver the three sodas behind the robot in addition to the one in front of it.
  • PacGoat: Extend the example autonomous to pickup and score a second ball.

Alternate autonomous

  • GearsBot: Write an alternative autonomous mode where the robot drives around the box to place the soda.
  • PacGoat: Write an alternative autonomous mode that scores in the low goal.

Autonomous choices

GearsBot: Allow the driver to select the autonomous using a SendableChooser. (Hint)

Write a program from scratch

Try creating a new CommandBased project from scratch to make either of the robots do interesting things, such as:

  • Drive in a triangle
  • Arrange the sodas in a square
  • Whatever else you can think of

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