Using and old robot project with 2016 FRCSim

Learn how to take an old C++/Java project and use it with FRCSim

Netbeans or Windriver Projects


Create a new Eclipse WPILib Java or C++ Project, delete all the source files, and copy the sources files from you old project


  • Open up a new WPILIb C++ or Java project
  • Name your project if you like, but the defaults are fine
  • Once your project is created, open up a file browser or a shell and copy the entire src directory from you previous project into your new project

Eclipse Projects

C++ projects

  1. Create a new C++ Robot Project
  2. Copy all the source files located from the old project into the new project.

Note: The .cproject file is a complex XML file that describes your ‘build configurations’. If you read it, you’ll see new configurations added for simulation compared to a your other old robot projects!

Note: If you want to try using the terminal to do this, try using the “mv” (move) command!

Java Projects

Nothing! Simply update your plugins so a version that supports simulation and you’re all set!

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