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Does your FRC team want to explore new ways to develop applications?  Java, Web, Mobile, Node Red, IoT, Cognitive computing, and other technologies are available through the IBM Bluemix platform for your teams to explore. Check out the “Library” page  under the resources tab on blue mix and get started.

The promotion code provided to FRC teams will allow each FRC team 12 month access to IBM’s Bluemix cloud computing platform. This will allow you to explore and create applications using the Bluemix platform.  

1. Sign up for a Bluemix account:

This initial account will be valid for 30 days and allow access for 2GB of runtime and memory to run apps. The promocode you will generate in the following steps will extend your account an additional 365 days!!

Go here to create an account

2. Confirm your Bluemix account: Check your email for a validation link from “The Bluemix Team”. Click on the    Button

3. Verify account was created: You should see the following message in your browser if your account was created successfully:

4. Go to this website and generate a promocode to extend your account to 12 months.

Event Name = FRC2018

IBM ID = The email address you used to create your Bluemix account

Team name = Team Number of your FRC team.

5. Verification of promocode being generated: You should be directed to a page with the following message :

6. Obtain your specific promocode: Open your email and find the promocode in the email sent to you from IBM Hackathon Support

7. Log in to Bluemix: Log into your new Bluemix account here :

8. Apply promo code screen: After logging into Bluemix, select the box in the upper right corner that has a number. This number represents the number of days left in your free trial period.  We are going to extend your account for an additional 365 days :) It is labeled with the blue #2 arrow below.  This will open another window for you to click on “apply promo code”.   Click on “apply promo code” and enter the promocode that was included in the email sent to you. (see screen shots below)

9. Apply the promocode : Copy the promocode from your email into the window shown below.

Hit apply. This will extend your trial period for an additional 365 days.

10. If you are using an account created last year, you will be directed to a new page to upgrade your account.  Please select the link for “Billing Page” on that screen and you will be taken to a page to enter the new promocode.

11. Learn:

  1. BLuemix landing page:
  2. IBM Bluemix youtube playlist:
  3. Bluemix Docs for all the Bluemix Services :
  4. IBM Developerworks recipes :
  5. Student Hackaton Starter kit:
  6. Boiler Plates:    

12. SHARE:

Make something cool, and let us know by tweeting #IBMFIRST

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