NI Software Set Up Guide


NI has 2 installers for FRC 2018.

The "NI Software for FRC 2018" content contains industry standard versions of LabVIEW, Real-Time, Vision, PID, and the FRC Simulator. This content is available via download or on the NI Software DVD in your kit of parts.

The FRC 2018 Update Suite contains all of the FRC Specific content for LabVIEW as well as the Driver station and Utilities that ALL FRC teams will need to install.

Check the options below if you are not sure what you need to download and install.

Installation instructions are included in the What Should I Install? section below.


The FRC Update Suite Password will be released at Kickoff.

Download NI Software for 2018:

Download FRC 2018 Update Suite:

Note: these links will be updated closer to Kickoff. Currently, they link to the 2017 software.


Both the "NI Software for FRC 2017" and the FRC Update Suite will need to be activated. You can find your team's unique serial number on the back of the DVD envelope that is included all teams Kit Of Parts.

The serial Number should start with an 'M'

If you want to install software before you receive you kit of parts just leave the serial numbers blank and LabVIEW will be installed as a trial.

You can Activate LabVIEW after installation using the NI Licence Manager. (StartProgramsNational InstrumentsNI Licence Manger


What should I install?

Option 1: Your team is programming in LabVIEW

     Download and Install all components of NI Software for FRC 2017

     then Download and Install FRC Update Suite

     then restart your computer


Option 2: Your team is using C++ or Java but wants to use NI Vision

     Download the NI Software for FRC 2017 and install vision only

     then Download and Install FRC Update Suite

     then restart your computer


Option 3: Your Team is using C++ or Java and only need the required competition software

     Just download and Install the FRC Update Suite

     then restart your computer



Still want to use a 4-slot or 8-slot cRIO? Install FRC 2014 Software:

The 4-slot and 8-slot cRIO controllers can no longer be used for FIRST competitions.  But you can still program these controllers for use in demo robots. You will need to use the NI Software for FRC 2014 installer and the FRC 2014 Update Suite (links below). You will also need the serial number from your FRC 2014 Kit of Parts to use this software.


Download the 2014 NI Software for FRC

Download the 2014 Update Suite

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