Network Config



The Network Config tab on the Settings page contains all of the network settings that may be adjusted for the FMS hardware and software. The Network Config tab is the default tab on the Settings Page. It has three sections: Field/Stats, Router, and Access Point.

[Red - Router] Contains functions for getting and setting the Router configuration within the FMS Hardware set. Get Router Configuration will query the router settings from the built-in Router within the FMS “Scorpion” server, and display them. Set Router Configuration can be used to configure the router settings for venue-specific network access configuration. Do not change the settings on the Router without FTA and/or FRC Engineering support.

[White - Access Point] Provides functions for getting and setting configuration information for the Access Point used by FRC. Get AP Configuration gets the current Access Point configuration and displays it. Set AP Channel changes the 2.4 GHz or 5GHz channel (and its frequency width for 5 GHz). Finally, Set AP WiFi Configuration will set the 2.4GHz SSID and WPA key configuration within the AP.

The SSID and WPA Key is configurable by the FTA without a password, but once set the WPA Key value will not persist once the software navigates away from the Settings page. If the WPA Key is forgotten, a new one must be set by the FTA.

To change the type of Router or Access Point in use, visit the Hardware tab.