Game Detail Tab

Game specific field scoring and adjustments.

Game Detail Tab

Score Tab

The Score Detail Tab has detailed scoring information that doesn't directly impact the points granted to an alliance. It is not used in every season.

The upper sections of the Game Details tab, show here with a green arrow, relays information about the Switches and Scale during the Match. They are purely for diagnostics, and have no edit functionality. There are separate values for each alliance.

The middle section, show here with a pink arrow, relays information about the Vault. It can be used to see when there may be cubes in a vault, which would prevent a match from starting. Each Yellow block indicates a cube, in this example there are two cubes in the Force column. There is a "Vault Ready" indicator (see pink box above) that gives an overall yes/no for each Vault.

On the bottom, in the middle, there is a Pre-Match Elements section, shown here with an orange arrow, that provides an overall state of the Switches and Scale. They will indicate Yes/No as an overall readiness status. If any value is No, the match will not be allowed to start.

The Vault and Elements data is not available (and hides) from Match Start until the following Pre-Start is complete.