Qualification Pit Display



The standard Qualification Pit Display looks similar to the internet event results pages, but specially adapted for use on site at events in progress.

Across the bottom of the display are indicators of the last match played on the field, the time difference between that Published schedule and the actual times that match was played, and the last time the data was updated. Note: The "all data as of" marker is based on the Pit machine's time, not the event server. Please make sure the Timezone is properly set on the Pit machine for timing to be accurate.

The remainder of the screen is dedicated to current rankings as of Last Match Played on the field, as indicated at the bottom of the screen.

Along with rank and team number, the following information is shown:

  • Ranking Points - Cumulative earned Ranking Points
  • Endgame Points - Cumulative earned Parking + Climbing Points
  • Auto Points - Cumulative Sum of Alliance Autonomous points
  • Ownership Points - Cumulative sum of Switch + Scale Ownership Points in Auto and Teleop
  • Vault Points - Cumulative sum of Alliance points earned from Power Cubes in the Vault
  • Record - Win/Loss/Tie record for the Team. Any match that a team plays as a Surrogate does not count towards the Record column.

The Pit Display web page auto scrolls through the ranking list.

The Display will automatically advance to Playoffs once the schedule is activated.