Practice (Day 1)

Prepare the teams for official matches


During Practice, teams will come to the Practice Field and run their robots according to a set Practice Schedule. The actual schedule isn’t “set in stone”, and different event types (Regional vs District) will run Practice differently.  It’s recommended to run all Practice matches within a Practice schedule to allow the FMS to log match data and robot data so that FTAs and HQ can examine robot and/or field problems through the match logs.

  1. Check in with the FTA.
  2. Check with HQ Support to determine if any FMS updates or other software updates/maintenance is required.
    • If required, you will also need to update the Audience Display toughbook using a USB drive (ask the FTA for one).
    • You can find a copy of the Audience Display installer in the following location
      • C:\Program Files\FIRST\AudienceDisplayInstaller
  3. Launch the FMS Event Manager software (if not already loaded), and also load the Audience Display software (if not already loaded)
    • Use the hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-1 to move and center the audience display onto the primary monitor, or if using HDMI output use CTRL-SHIFT-2 to move and center the audience display to the secondary monitor
    • A/V might want to run a Remote Audience Screen - if so, they can find the software .MSI installer under the following location on the server (reminder  if A/V has a previous copy of the Remote Audience Screen installer, and the software has updated, they will need to get a new copy of the installer after the update):
      • C:\Program Files\FIRST\AudienceDisplayInstaller
  4. Run a Test Match and confirm all field components operate correctly. This process should be coordinated with the FTA. This may be an abbreviated version of the test conducted during Setup depending on the time available and FTA preferences.
  5. Check with Event Registration and make any necessary changes (add/delete) to the list of participating teams. Regenerate the practice match schedule if there are any additions to the team list (deletions are okay for practice schedules).
  6. Ensure the Practice Schedule is Activated in the Event Wizard (Step 6).
  7. Lunch Break  Practice Matches
    • Generate a Qualification Match schedule using steps 7-10 in the Event Wizard. Print out sufficient copies of the Qualification Schedule Report to distribute to teams. In some venues, the Pit Admin may only need a single copy of the schedule and they’ll go and make copies. Work with the Event Manager and FTA to ensure that the Qualification Match schedule works within the overall timeframe of the event (start/end times, lunch period, etc.). Then be sure to eat! Volunteers only get a shirt and food for 3 days work!
    • Return to the Event Manager and re-activate the practice match schedule. This is necessary in order to continue playing through the Practice schedule.
  8. End of Practice
    • In the “Settings” view, using the “Backup Config” tab, use the “Force Event Backup” button to force a full event backup for the end of practice matches.
    • Check with the FTA to determine if power will remain on or will be shut off overnight. If power to the field will be turned off, shutdown the Scorpion server with direction from the FTA.

If power will remain on in the venu, put the field lights into Night Mode. Otherwise, shut down.