Qualification (Day 2)

Determine seeding for Playoff matches


At most all events, Qualification occurs over more than one day; typically qualification runs for one full day and up through lunch on the second day. The Qualification Schedule is generated on the day preceding the beginning of Qualification, if possible. It is extremely important that all teams on the Qualification Schedule are present and will be participating in the Qualification matches. If one or more teams that are appearing on the Qualification Schedule leave the tournament prior to the start of the Qualification matches, the Qualification Schedule should be regenerated to remove the missing team(s). Work with your FTA to ensure all teams participating are present and ready.

  1. Check in with the FTA.
  2. Check with HQ Support to determine if any FMS updates or other software updates/maintenance is required.
    • If required, you will also need to update the Audience Display toughbook using a USB drive (ask the FTA for one).
    • You can find a copy of the Audience Display installer in the following location
      • C:\Program Files\FIRST\AudienceDisplayInstaller
  3. Launch the FMS Event Manager software (if not already loaded), and also load the Audience Display software (if not already loaded).
    1. Use the hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-1 to move and center the audience display onto the primary monitor, or if using HDMI output use CTRL-SHIFT-2 to move and center the audience display to the secondary monitor.
    2. A/V might want to run a Remote Audience Screen  if so, they can find the software .MSI installer under the following location on the server (reminder  if A/V has a previous copy of the Remote Audience Screen installer, and the software has updated, they will need to get a new copy of the installer after the update):
      • C:\Program Files\FIRST\AudienceDisplayInstaller
  4. Run a Test Match and confirm all field components operate correctly. This process should be coordinated with the FTA. This may be an abbreviated version of the test conducted during Setup depending on the time available and FTA preferences.
  5. Make sure the Qualification Schedule is activated within the Event Wizard.
  6. Generate and print the Announcer’s Report for Qualification Matches.
  7. Print the Qualification Match schedule, if not done already
  8. It may be necessary to select the first Qual match in the schedule before prestarting the first match. It’s not that we don’t trust you, but only Santa knows if you’re being naughty or nice.
  9. Once all robots link to the field, the Field Reset Lights on the Scale/Switches will turn off ONLY if you’re in “Set Audience Display.” “Set Audience Display” is also required in order for the Field Stack Light to turn Green.
    • Also note that the Vault and Scale Lock-out Bar will affect the Stack Light; it will illuminate the amber LED if either is not “ready.”
  10. End of Qualification Day 1
    1. Use the “Settings” button, “Backup Config” tab, “Force Event Backup” button to ensure the event database is backed up.
    2. For three-day Regional events only, input Friday Award winners in the Event Wizard. To assign the award, click on the award and click “Assign Award” and complete the pop-up box. Once all awards are announced and entered, click the “Post” checkbox on each one modified and click “Upload Award Assignments”  ONLY AWARDS WITH A CHECK MARK WILL BE POSTED ONLINE. Uploading will immediately post the awards to the web API, though there’s a 10 minute cache on the website.
      1. During the Awards Ceremony, put the field lights into “Awards Mode.”
      2. Check with the FTA to determine if power will remain on or will be shut off overnight. If power to the field will be turned off, shutdown the Scorpion server with direction from the FTA. If powered, put the field lights into “Night Mode.”
  11. End of Qualifications (to Alliance Selection)
    1. Use the “Settings” button, “Backup Config” tab, “Force Event Backup” button to ensure the event database is backed up.
    2. Print the Qualifications Ranking report for the Announcer as soon as the final qualification match has completed.
    3. Use the Alliance Selection (Step 12) in the Event Wizard to set alliances as they are picked. Use the video switcher at the bottom of the screen to select between the “Alliance” and “Available Teams” audience screens during the Alliance Selection ceremony. Try not to roll your eyes too loudly when someone “graciously accepts.”
    4. Immediately following Alliance Selection process, the playoff schedule must be built VERY QUICKLY so that the Backup Robots report and Playoff Coupon report can be printed out. The Backup Robot report must go to the HEAD REFEREE immediately (so that they can hand it to another Referee or Queue staff to handle backup robot acceptance) and the Playoff Coupon report should be cut up along dotted lines so that the teams will have Timeout and Backup coupons.
      • Build the Playoff Schedule (Event Wizard Step 13). All that needs to be known is the time which Playoff matches will begin, and the number of matches in playoffs is always 21. Matchmaker is not used in Playoff Match Generation.
      • Activate the Playoff Match Schedule (Event Wizard Step 14).
    5. Print Backup Robots Report, Playoff Schedules, Backup and Timeout coupons, and initial Announcer reports (only the pages that pertain to the Quarterfinals).
    6. Before you leave for lunch, use the video switcher to either display the Quarterfinal bracket or use the Messages tab to put a lunch message (using the Background view).