C++\Java Plugin Changelog

Changelog for the C++\Java Eclipse Plugins

2017.3.1. 2/16/17


- Multiple fixes for SendableChooser

- Allow for Camera Selection over Network Tables

- Add a clear property to LinePlot widget

- Graph X-axis based on time rather than updates for LinePlot widget

- Set MJPEG viewer timeout to 5s (should reduce occurances of "too many streams" error from cscore)

CameraServer (WPILib and cscore):

- Fix SetExposureAuto

- Publish videomodes to webserver

- Fix handling of HTTP cameras that do not provide Content-Length (e.g. som D-Link cameras)

- Add Timeout for GetNextFrame (default to 225 ms)

WPILib (C++\Java):

- C++: Fix I2C read changing size of pointer

- C++: Fix memory leak on SPI Read

- Both: Correct assumptions about I2C return values

Network Tables (ntcore):

- Add field DNS to round robin discovery

2017.2.1 1/20/17


- Added support for ConditionalCommand


- Fixed solenoid allocation error message

- Documentation fixes

CameraServer (WPILib and cscore):

- Removed NetworkTables-driven camera settings (could prevent camera settings changes from taking effect due to dashboard caching)

- Fixed exception on camera creation when camera is not plugged in

- Auto-increment startAutomaticCapture()

- Added properties setting capability through web server

Eclipse Plugins:

- Fix RoboRIO image version detection in presence of EOL in configuration

- Improve IP address resolution during deployment

- Excluded sources and javadoc JARs from user libs when building

- Java and C++ debug deploys now deploy libraries

- Added option to disable automatic library management


- Documentation fix

2017.1.1 (Kickoff Release) 1/5/17

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