Task 1 - Objective 1: 2019 Software Installation

Task: Choose, acquire, and install the software required for developing FRC software in the language you have been assigned (C++, Java or LabVIEW).


The 2019 FRC Control System can be programmed in LabVIEW, Java or C/C++. Teams should use the language they have been assigned for the Beta test.

Note: For this task, there is supplemental documentation provided in TeamForge for all languages. See the Documents and File Releases sections on TeamForge.

Desired Feedback

This Objective is part of Task 1. Please keep the following questions in mind as you complete the Objective and include this information, as appropriate, in your Task 1 report.

1. How long did the software installation procedure take on your computer(s)? We would like you to time the installation of the software.

2. What problems or difficulties did you encounter?

3. If there were issues - What was the configuration of the computer(s) on which you installed the software? (manufacturer, model, processor type, processor speed, system memory, DVD model, operating system version)

4. What questions did you have during the process?

5. Any specific suggestions on improving the documentation? (Were any instructions unclear?)

6. Is there anything else you want to tell us related to this task?