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Task 0: Beta Test Tools and Documentation Familiarization

Task: Learn about the tools and documentation sources for the 2019 FRC Beta

Beta Test Tools

The 2019 FRC Control System Beta Test will primarily be administered through a TeamForge project. If you have not been part of an Alpha or Beta test effort in the last few years, please take some time to read through the following articles to learn more about the tool being used:

Accessing the 2019 Beta Project

Trackers - Reporting Bugs

Monitoring Via Email Notifications

Note: For 2019 we are asking that issues for GitHub developed components (basically everything other than the DS/Image/LabVIEW libraries) be submitted on GitHub Issues for the appropriate repository

Beta Test Documentation

There will be 2 primary sources of Beta Test specific documentation. The first source is this ScreenSteps manual which will primarily contain things like task instructions. The Beta Test ScreenSteps page will be publicly accessible without a username or password.

The other source of documentation will be the Documents section of the TeamForge project. For more information on how to access that, see Accessing the 2019 Beta Project.

Please read through the documentation in this ScreenSteps manual to understand the tasks associated with the Beta Test.

Desired Feedback

No report is necessary for this task.