Accessing the 2019 Beta Project

Note: Only accepted Beta Test teams will have access to the Beta project.

The members identified by your team to communicate with FIRST technical staff will have access to the 2019 Beta Test project on the site.

Signing in

Open your web browser and browse to Near the top left corner of the page enter the username and password provided in the Beta test email you received, then click "Log In".

Opening the 2019 Beta Project

Opening the 2017 Beta Project

Your user account should already be added to the 2018 Beta Project. To view the project:

  1. Click the Projects tab on the top navigation ribbon.
  2. Then click on FRC2019Beta in the projects list (image of 2015 as an example).

The Project Homepage

The project homepage contains some statistics and Project News. Throughout the Beta, the Project News section may be updated with the latest information from the FIRST technical staff. The top ribbon contains tabs allowing you to navigate to the different sections of the project:

  1. Trackers - The Trackers tab is where the bug tracker for the project is located.
  2. File Releases - The File Releases tab will host any files you will need to download as part of the Beta test process such as NI Update files.
  3. Documents - the Documents tab will contain any documents to be distributed to Beta teams. Much of the documentation for the Beta test will be located on Screensteps but there may still be documents posted here as well.
  4. Discussions - The Discussions tab contains a forum which will allow teams to post questions or discussions about the Beta test, software or documentation. Task reports will also be posted here.