2019 Beta Task Overview

This document provides an overview of the Tasks assigned for the 2019 Control System Beta Test. Further details on each Task can be found in the subsequent pages of this section.

Task 0 - Background and Preparation

The purpose of Task 0 is to complete some housekeeping tasks and familiarize yourself with the tools and documentation for the Beta Test before beginning. This task consists of 1 Objective:

  1. Beta Test Tools and Documentation Familiarization

Task 1 - Install Software (Targeted Completion 11/2/18)

The purpose of Task 1 is to complete installation of the 2019 Control System software. This task consists of 1 Objective

  1. Install the necessary software for your assigned Beta Test language (LabVIEW or VSCode+ plugins, NI FRC Update Suite, CTRE installer if using CANTalon SRX)

Task 2 - Basic Benchtop Test (Targeted Completion 11/9/18)

The purpose of Task 2 is to get the base 2019 Control System software set up and running. This helps minimize complexity to ease debugging of any issues that do occur. In this task you will set up the development environment for your programming language, configure the roboRIO, load and debug a simple program. This Task consists of 2 Objectives:

  1. Configure the roboRIO
  2. Create, Build and Load Default Program

Task 3 - Port Previous Robot Code (Targeted Completion 11/16/18)

The purpose of Task 3 is to port a previous year's robot code (2018 preferred) with the 2019 Control System software and bring it to full functionality. This Task consists of 2 Objectives and 1 Optional Objective:

  1. Port Existing Robot Code to 2019 System
  2. Wireless Operation of FRC Robot
  3. (Optional) Offseason Competition with Existing FRC Robot

Task 4 - New Code and Advanced Feature Testing (Targeted Completion 11/30/18)

Note: Objectives in Task 4 may be completed in any order.

The purpose of Task 4 is to write new code in order to test features and functionality of the new Control System software. While we have written up a number of ideas, please feel free to come up with your own and report on what you tried/are trying and how it went.

  1. Pathweaver (Motion profile generator UI) testing
  2. Shuffleboard "builder" (create layout from Robot code) testing
  3. Camera streaming robustness, especially in LabVIEW (multiple cameras, disconnect/reconnect, etc.)