Task 4 - Objective 1: Testing New Features

Task: Test any new features or heavily modified code


The purpose of this task is to test any newly developed or heavily modified features for the 2019 season. This will help the Control System team find any bugs or issues with the new code. Below is a list of some of the new or modified features:


  • Camera Streaming robustness (camera connect/disconnect, network connect/disconnect)


  • Pathweaver (motion profile generator UI)
  • Shuffleboard "builder" robot code (class to build shuffleboard layout from robot code)

Desired Feedback

This Objective is part of Task 4. Please keep the following questions in mind as you complete the Objective and include this information, as appropriate, in your Task 4 report.

  1. Describe what features you tested and how you tested them.
  2. Describe any bugs you encountered.
  3. What problems or difficulties did you encounter?
  4. What questions did you have during the process?
  5. Any specific suggestions on improving the documentation? (Were any instructions unclear?)
  6. Is there anything else you want to tell us related to this task?