Alpha Test Info

As part of our continual improvements to the FRC Control System software, for the 2019 FRC season the current plan is to switch from Eclipse (with built-in Ant scripts as the build/deploy tooling) as the supported IDE for C++\Java development to Microsoft's Visual Studio Code IDE with Gradle (using a community created project, GradleRIO, pulled under the WPILib umbrella) as the build/deploy tooling.

In order to help teams gain familiarity with this new development environment, and to provide a more extensive opportunity to test this change, we are conducting an open Alpha test of the new IDE and tooling with the 2018 libraries. This means that you can follow the instructions in the subsequent articles and get your 2018 robot up and running with the new environment to take it for a test drive.

You can learn more about these changes, and other plans for 2019, in the Building and Contributing to WPILib presentation from the FRC Championship:

We encourage you to try out this new platform, as well as let other  teams know about the changes coming up in the 2019 season. Feature  requests and contributions are welcome as always!

Report Bugs/Feature Requests

Bugs and feature requests should be reported using the Issue trackers on the appropriate WPILib Suite repo:

  • Vscode-wpilib: For all issues related to the WPILib extension for VS Code (wizards, creating functions, launching tasks, etc.)
  • GradleRIO: For issues related specifically to Gradle task such as build/deploy/etc.


Questions can be directed to the WPILib Gitter: