WPILib Commands in VSCode

This document contains a complete list of the commands provided by the WPILib VSCode Extension and what they do.

To access these commands, press Ctrl+Shift+P to open the Command Palette, then begin typing the command name as shown here to filter the list of commands. Click on the command name to execute it.

  • WPILib: Build Robot Code - Builds open project using GradleRIO
  • WPILib: Create Project - Create a new robot project
  • WPILib C++: Refresh C++ Intellisense - Force an update to the C++ Intellisense configuration.
  • WPILib C++: Select current C++ toolchain - Select the toolchain to use for Intellisense (i.e. desktop vs. roboRIO vs...). This is the same as clicking the current mode in the bottom right status bar.
  • WPILib: Cancel currently running tasks - Cancel any tasks the WPILib extension is currently running
  • WPILib: Change Auto Save On Deploy Setting - Change whether files are saved automatically when doing a Deploy. This defaults to Enabled.
  • WPILib: Change Auto Start RioLog on Deploy Setting -Change whether RioLog starts automatically on deploy. This defaults to Enabled.
  • WPILib: Change Desktop Support Enabled Setting - Change whether building robot code on Desktop is enabled. Enable this for test and simulation purposes. This defaults to Desktop Support off.
  • WPILib: Change Language Setting - Change whether the currently open project is C++ or Java.
  • WPILib: Change Run Commands in Online Mode Setting - Change whether GradleRIO is running in Online Mode (will attempt to automatically pull dependencies from online). Defaults to disabled (offline mode).
  • WPILib: Change Skip Tests On Deploy Setting - Change whether to skip tests on deploy. Defaults to disabled (tests are run on deploy)
  • WPILib: Change Stop Simulation on Entry Setting - Change whether to stop robot code on entry when running simulation. Defaults to disabled (don't stop on entry).
  • WPILib: Check for WPILib Updates - Check for an update to the WPILib extensions
  • WPILib: Create a new class/command - Clicking this command in the palette will not do anything. This command is triggered by right-clicking on the desired folder in the Navigation Pane and selecting the appropriate option.
  • WPILib: Debug Robot Code - Build and deploy robot code to RoboRIO in debug mode and start debugging
  • WPILib: Deploy Robot Code - Build and deploy robot code to RoboRIO
  • WPILib: Import a WPILib Eclipse Project - Open a wizard to help you create a new VS Code project from an existing WPILib Eclipse project from a previous season.
  • WPILib: Install tools from GradleRIO - Install the WPILib Java tools (e.g. SmartDashboard, Shuffleboard, etc.). Note that this is done by default by the offline installer
  • WPILib: Manage Vendor Libraries - Install/update 3rd party libraries
  • WPILib: Open WPILib Command Palette - This command is used to open a WPILib Command Palette (equivalent of hitting Ctrl+Shift+P and typing WPILib)
  • WPILib: Open WPILib Help - This opens a simple page the links to the WPILib Screensteps documentation
  • WPILib: Reset Ask for WPILib Updates Flag - This will clear the flag on the current project, allowing you to re-prompt to update a project to the latest WPILib version if you previously chose to not update.
  • WPILib: Run a command in Gradle - This lets you run an arbitrary command in the GradleRIO command environment
  • WPILib: Set Team Number - Used to modify the team number associated with a project. This is only needed if you need to change the team number from the one initially specified when creating the project.
  • WPILib: Set VS Code Java Home to FRC Home - Set the VS Code Java Home variable to point to the Java Home discovered by the FRC extension. This is needed if not using the offline installer to make sure the intellisense settings are in sync with the WPILib build settings.
  • WPILib: Show Log Folder - Shows the folder where the WPILib extension stores internal logs. This may be useful when debugging/reporting an extension issue to the WPILib developers
  • WPILib: Simulate Robot Code on Desktop - This builds the current robot code project on your PC and starts it running in simulation. This requires Desktop Support to be set to Enabled.
  • WPILib: Start RioLog - This starts the RioLog display used to view console output from a robot program
  • WPILib: Start Tool - This allows you to launch WPILib tools (e.g. SmartDashboard, Shuffleboard, etc.) from inside VSCode
  • WPILib: Test Robot Code - This builds the current robot code project and runs any created tests. This requires Desktop Support to be set to Enabled.

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