Viewing Console Output

For viewing the console output of text based programs the roboRIO implements a NetConsole very similar to the cRIO. Note that on the roboRIO, the NetConsole is only for program output, if you want to interact with the system console you will need to use SSH or the Serial console.

There are two main ways to view the NetConsole output from the roboRIO: The Console Viewer in the FRC Driver Station and the Riolog plugin in Eclipse.

Console Viewer

Opening the Console Viewer

Opening the Console Viewer

To open Console Viewer first open the FRC Driver Station. Then click on the gear at the top of the message viewer window (1) and select "View Console".

Console Viewer Window

Console Viewer Window

The Console Viewer window displays the output from our robot program in green.  The gear in the top right can clear the window and set the level of messages displayed.

Riolog Eclipse Plugin

The Riolog plugin is an Eclipse plugin that can be used to view the NetConsole output in Eclipse (credit: Manuel Stoeckl, FRC1511).

Opening the Riolog plugin

Opening the Riolog plugin

The first time you want to view the Riolog window in Eclipse, you will need to open the View. After doing this once, it should persist across restarts of Eclipse. To open the Riolog view:

  1. Click Window
  2. Hover over Show View
  3. Click Other
  4. Click the arrow to expand General
  5. Click Riolog
  6. Click OK

Riolog Window

The Riolog plugin window should appear in the bottom pane. To view the output at any time, simply click on the Riolog tab. Riolog contains a number of controls for manipulating the console. These controls can be accessed via the icon pairs in the top right or via multi-function buttons on the bottom of the window:

  1. Pause/Resume Display - This will pause/resume the display. In the background, the new packets will still be received and will be displayed when the resume button is clicked.
  2. Discard/Accept Incoming - This will toggle whether to accept new packets. When packets are being discarded the display will be paused and all packets received will be discarded. Clicking the button again will resume receiving packets.
  3. Clear Log - This will clear the current contents of the display.


The Riolog plugin requires Java 8. If you are using Java 7, the Riolog plugin will not appear in your Show View window.

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