Running an Robot Program in Simulation

Learn how to run your robot code in simulation.

Locate your project

Open eclipse and find the project you want to run in simulation. If you're trying to run this on an old project, follow this tutorial on how to update your old project to work with FRCSim.

Assuming you've done that...

Just hit run!

Launch Gazebo

Launch Gazebo

Or, run "frcsim" from the command line.

If nothing happens or nothing appears, go back and finish the manual install process.

Connecting with the Driverstation

Connecting with the Driverstation

Start gazebo first. If you haven't started gazebo, nothing will happen. Open the launcher and type "Sim DS".

WPILib comes with a linux driverstation to use in simulation. It lacks most of the features of the other driverstation, but it works to change the robot state and read from joysticks. The Logitech F130 and XBox gamepads are known to work. Others may, but you need to have the right drivers.

You can also run the following in a terminal:


If nothing happens or nothing appears, go back and finish the last step of the manual install

Note: if you see the warning about gazebo transport, that's ok! It just means you haven't started Gazebo yet. If you HAVE started gazebo and still see this, then you probably need to set GAZEBO_MASTER_URI to the right IP address. See here for more details.

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