Installing FRCSim With A Script (Ubuntu)

The fast and easy way to setup FRCSim. I strongly recommend the manual install, because you will learn more and possibly avoid bugs in the script.

Please note, this only works on Ubuntu 14.04, and for other versions/systems please look at the manual install.

Open a Terminal

In Ubuntu, you can use Ctrl+Alt+T. Or, simply search for it in the sidebar.

Download And Run The Script

1. Copy the following command

wget -O && chmod a+x && ./ INSTALL

2. Paste in to the terminal

3. Hit enter

Install Eclipse Plugins

You'll need to install the usual WPILib Eclipse Plugins. Instructions for doing so can be found here:

installing eclipse plugins

1 Report Errors


When verifying the installation by attempting to simulate GearsBot I receive the following:

/root/wpilib/java/current/ant/build.xml:164 /root/wpilib/simulation/jar does not exist

Any ideas? This happens from root or usr

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