Running your Benchtop Test Program - Tethered

Running your benchtop testing program while tethered to the Driver Station via ethernet or USB cable will confirm the the program was successfully deployed and that the driver station and roboRIO are properly configured.


You should create and download a Benchtop Test Program as described for your programming language:

The roboRIO should be powered on and connected to the PC over Ethernet or USB. The Driver Station software should be configured with your team number as described in the previous article.

Confirm Connectivity

Using the Driver Station software

Click Diagnostics and confirm that the Enet Link and Robot leds are green.

Tethered Operation

Click the Operation Tab

  1. Confirm that battery voltage is displayed
  2. Communications, Robot Code, and Joysticks indicators are green.
  3. Put the robot in Teleop Mode
  4. Click Enable.- Move the joysticks and observe how the robot responds.
  5. Click Disable