Data Download

Data Download

The Data Download step of the Event Wizard is used to download official FIRST Robotics Competition data, like events and teams. It will also ensure that the data is up-to-date with any changes the team may have made to their Team Registration profile. Data download should be done at the start of each official competition, and can optionally be done again at a later time to query for any changes that may continue to be made. For example, if a team changes their name in the dashboard, it would need to be retrieved using Data Download (after being processed by FIRST HQ) before it would be reflected in reports or across the FMS software.

For more information on how FMS collects and uses data, please see the data services page.

When applicable, this also downloads all available Team Avatars and other details.

The "Clear Active Event" options, which requires an HQ password, removes the marker of the event in progress (similar to what happens upon archive and upload). Under normal operation, and in the Off-Season version, there is no need to use this option.

In FMS Off-Season, this step does not download anything, the software installation includes the complete registered team list from the current season.