Bypass vs DQ vs Red Card


Bypass and DQ essentially perform the same function to the Driver’s Station, but have different outcomes with respect to Rankings. Bypass is used when a team is unable to compete due to a malfunctioning robot, but still chooses to participate in the match by standing in the Player Station or with a Human Player. For this participation, the team is awarded full points. Bypass will disable any inputs from the corresponding team’s Driver Station and cause the Team Light to flash at a 1Hz rate.

DQ is used to disqualify a team from a match. A DQ is given to a team which plays a qualification match without having passed Inspection, or simply chooses not to participate in the match.

The referee will issue a Red Card for a number of reasons, rules violations or inappropriate conduct during a match. If the Red Card indicator is showing when “Commit Score” is pressed the team receives 0 (zero) points for that match.