Match Test

Differences between Match Play and Match Test

Match Test

The Match Test functionally is nearly identical to Match Play. When using Match Test the FMS automatically assigns the match number to 999 (or 998 for multi-field events) and the team numbers to “Test Robot 1” through 6 and no schedule is displayed. Match Test is used to verify all electrical and scoring components connected to the FMS are operating correctly.

Note that Match Test uses a specific set of WPA Keys for Test Robots 1-6, but will use the corresponding WPA key for a team registered for the event when its number is entered into a Player Station. Note that alternate sets of test robots are available for events with multiple fields, such as the FIRST Championship, by contacting support.

The schedule tab will remain blank in Match Test.

Match Test cannot consume a schedule, and therefore cannot be used to play Matches that "count." To play Matches in the Practice/Qual/Playoff schedule, Match Play must be used.