Game Detail Tab

Game specific field scoring and adjustments.

Game Detail Tab

Score Tab

The Score Detail Tab has detailed scoring information that doesn't directly impact the points granted to an Alliance. It is not used in every season. It does not apply to the off-season FMS.

This tab is particularly valuable in determining potential issues when a match cannot be started. If all Robots are connected or bypassed, but the amber light on the scoring table stack light is flashing, there is an issue with the automated system. Use the Game Details tab to troubleshoot or contact support.

In 2020, the Game Details tab can be used to view data regardless of match state (such as before pre-start, or after commit). All of these values update continuously, and do not impact match scoring.


View the current enable/disable state of the low and high Power Port motors, where a red background is disabled and green is enabled.

[Control Panel]

The color currently being read by the Control Panel, where the background is the current color. A black background indicates an unknown color, sensor error, or disconnected sensor.

[Bar Is Level]

Indicator of whether the shield generator switch is currently level. A yes/no is displayed.