Robot can be dangerous. By using the Field Management System (FMS) Software, you understand that in addition to the safety mechanisms built into the software, you, the operator, play a critical part in making sure that the environment around you is safe before enabling robots. You should only enable robots (use the "Match Start" button) when the robots are in a contained area and segregated from humans, who may be injured due to the robot's motion. If you disagree, or are not willing to use the software under these conditions, you should not proceed.

Off-Season Additional Disclaimer

The Off-Season version of the Field Management System (formerly “FMS Lite”) is similar in operation to that of the one used at official district and regional competitions but specially adapted to better suit the needs of teams and volunteers who operate events throughout the off-season. As such, some of the buttons, features or options that appear in the regular competition season are not available in FMS Off-Season. In most cases, unavailable features are called out (as possible) in the FMS User’s Guide and describe what may be different about the installation.

This document is a supplement to the official FMS User’s Guide available on the FIRST website (and located on this same site). This document will outline the unique network configuration for off season events, while the FMS User’s Guide details the software operation.