Off-Season Availability

FIRST allows Off-Season events (who meet requirements) to synchronize their data and results with FIRST HQ, similar to the way that FIRST posts results of official events during the competition season. Off-Season events that meet requirement criteria will be able to have their events included- meaning results will be posted to FIRST’s Event Results website ( and API ( FIRST has many partners that use FIRST’s data to power their apps, such as The Blue Alliance or FRC Spyder.

Sync is not available for the 2020 INFINITE RECHARGE season (see details in paragraph below).

This is not available for versions of FMS installed on personal computers, our "FMS Off-Season" software. This is available only on official FIRST fields that were used at 2020 United States or Canadian competitions.


FIRST will not support the planning, promotion or execution of off-season FIRST RISE events using district-owned or HQ-owned equipment or game elements.

This means the following:

  • No access to HQ-owned or district-owned fields, game pieces, or other equipment, including renting items from vendors.
  • The off-season version of the Field Management System software will not be updated for INFINITE RECHARGE.
  • No off-season events will be listed on the FRC Events Website.

For more information please see


The following information is not relevant for 2020 any longer:

To apply and participate for the 2020 season, the Off-Season event must requirements that include:

  • End before November 8th,2020 and start after May 18th, 2020 (dates subject to change)
  • Use an official FIRST field, with FMS and Electronics
  • Have a 2020 certified FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) present throughout the event
  • Have a required minimum number of teams in attendance (read details on the application carefully, please)
    • Note that this process requires all teams participating at the event to have participated in the 2020 FRC Season. For "unofficial" teams (like a "pre-rookie" team or a "second robot" team), FIRST has reserved Team numbers 9985-9999, and they may be used to accommodate these teams. Off-Season events may not "take" a team's number who isn't attending the event
      • For example: If team 123 is not attending your event, but team 122 is, and brings a second robot, you cannot use team 123 for the second robot. This would miss-represent team 123's record as they are not actually participating. Instead, team 122's second robot could be any number in the reserved range of 9985-9999.
  • Steady wired (ethernet) internet must be available throughout the event, at the scoring table. This internet connection should have unrestricted/unfiltered access to ports 80 and 443 (data sync is not WiFi compatible, only hardline internet)
  • FIRST Staff are not available for Support of Off-Season events, the FTA is the troubleshooting resource
  • FIRST does not build custom software for specific Off-Season events, all scoring and software is written to match the most recent published version of the official Game Manual. Individual scoring point values are not adjustable.

Additional terms will be displayed on the application, and should be read in detail.

FIRST has additional information and policies regarding the rental and use of official fields for Off-Season events. They can be found in the Resource Library on the FIRST website.


To apply for your Off-Season event to be included, please complete the following form at least 7 days before your event start date. Upon approval of your application, you can also add competing teams or adjust basic settings using information emailed to you by FIRST.