A fair number of acronyms are used throughout this manual. Below is a list of many of these acronyms and additional terms along with their definition. The official definitions and descriptions of field components are found in the FRC Game Manual.

Acronym Term Definition
FRC FIRST Robotics Competition The original FIRST program, for high school students.
FMS Field Management System The software (provided by FIRST) that walks volunteers through the course of an FRC event
SCC Station Control Cabinet A series of plastic enclosures that house electronics that are assembled and maintained by FIRST Engineering, and setup around the field
DS Driver Station A computer, usually a Windows laptop, used to relay control commands from the Team to the Robot
roboRIO Control system "brain" manufactured by National Instruments and required on each FRC Robot
Pit Display A laptop, provided by FIRST that displays ranking information at each event to people not in the immediate area of the field
PCK Philips Color Kinetics A line of products manufactured by Philips, including controllers and light strings, that commonly appear around FRC fields to relay scoring information to the audience and teams
Audience Display A software program that is used to control the display of game information to the audience, including real-time scoring, rankings, playoff brackets, and more.
FCUI Field Control User Interface Formerly a piece of FIRST hardware, now refers to the match control bar within the Match Play interface.