Playoffs (Day 3)

Determine the event champions


Playoffs are best-of-3 matchups in three phases: Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals. Each phase will play according to the bracket designed for each. After each phase new schedules (for queue staff) and Announcer report (only those pages pertaining to the next phase of competition) should be printed. Only print the report if the announcer needs it!

  1. Announcer Reports (pertaining to the specific matches) should be printed at the beginning of each phase.
  2. Limited numbers of schedules should be reprinted for queue staff and essential personnel at the beginning of each phase.
  3. Bracket Reports should be printed for the Head Referee and Game Announcer at the beginning of each phase.
  4. Field Timeouts should be performed (using the Timeout button) in the following instances:
    • Immediately Preceding Back-to-Back matches due to Tiebreaker Matches (all finals and overtime matches are back-to-back, and thus they all have field timeouts)
    • Immediately Preceding any Finals matches

Stay calm, stay hydrated, enjoy the matches, don’t get caught up in the hype. Remember, you’re not a Referee. Let them do the heavy lifting, only support their actions, don’t try to direct them.