LabVIEW Resources

To learn more about programming in LabVIEW and specifically programming FRC robots in LabVIEW, check out the following resources.

LabVIEW Basics

National Instruments provides a combination of videos and traditional text/picture tutorials on the basics of LabVIEW. These tutorials can help you get acquainted with the LabVIEW environment and the basics of the graphical, dataflow programing model used in LabVIEW.

FRC Mastery Videos

Though they have not been updated to match changes to the robot framework code, the FRC Mastery series of videos are still a helpful guide to understanding the basics of FRC programming in LabVIEW. Most or all of the content in Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 of the 2011 FRC Steps to Robot Success will match fairly closely to the 2014 code.

NI FRC Tutorials

National Instruments also hosts many FRC specific tutorials and presentations ranging from basic to advanced. For an in-depth single resource check out the FRC Basic and Advance Training item on that page.

Installed Tutorials and Examples

There are also tutorials and examples for all sorts of tasks and components provided as part of your LabVIEW installation. To access the tutorials, from the LabVIEW Splash screen (the screen that appears when the program is first launched) click on the Tutorials tab on the left side. Note that the tutorials are all in one document, so once it is open you are free to browse to other tutorials without returning to the splash screen.

To access the examples either click the Support tab, then Find FRC Examples or anytime you're working on a program open the Help menu, select Find Examples and open the FRC Robotics folder.