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  • Updated on: Jan 23, 2018

    Programming your radio

    This guide will show you how to use the 2017 FRC Radio Configuration Utility software to configure your robot's wireless bridge for use outside of FRC events.

    Before you begin using the software:

    1. Disable WiFi connections on your computer, as it may prevent the configuration utility from properly communicating with the bridge
    2. Make sure no devices are connected to your computer via ethernet, other than the wireless bridge. Note that for the OM5P-AN and AC bridge, you must use a particular Ethernet port. See the on screen image and instructions for more information.

    The OM5P-AN and AC use the same power plug as the D-Link DAP1522, however they are 12V radios. Wire the radio to the 12V 2A terminals on the VRM (center-pin positive).

    Note: Teams will need to update firmware on both OM5P-AN and OM5P-AC radios in order for the programming utility to program them, or for them to be used at events. This must be done before you attempt to program them.

  • Updated on: Jan 16, 2018

    Operating a compressor for pneumatics

    The Pneumatics Control Module from Cross the Road Electronics allows for integrated closed loop control of a compressor. Creating any instance of a Solenoid or Double Solenoid object will enable the Compressor control on the corresponding PCM. The Compressor object is only needed if you want to have greater control over the compressor or query compressor status.

  • Updated on: Jan 10, 2018

    Nidec Dynamo BLDC Motor with Controller

  • Updated on: Jan 09, 2018

    Using the CameraServer on the roboRIO

  • Updated on: Jan 09, 2018

    FRC Software Component Overview

    The 2017 FRC Control System consists of a wide variety of mandatory and optional software components designed to assist you in the design, development and debugging of your robot code, control robot operation, and provide feedback to assist with troubleshooting. For each software component this document will provide a brief overview of its purpose, a link to the package download if appropriate, and a link to further documentation where available.

  • Updated on: Jan 07, 2018

    Choosing a Base Class

  • Updated on: Jan 07, 2018

    Choosing a Base Class

    The base class is the framework that the robot code is constructed on top of. WPILib offers two different base classes, as well as a third option which is not technically a separate base class.

  • Updated on: Jan 07, 2018

    Testing and tuning PID loops

    Manual Shuffleboard
  • Updated on: Jan 06, 2018

    IBM Bluemix

  • Updated on: Jan 06, 2018