Jetson TX1 Developer Kit

Here are some resources for using the Jetson TX1 for FIRST Robotics Competition.

Jetson TX1 Developer Kit Line Art

Instructional Videos

Getting Started

  1. Unbox your Jetson and get setup (see video below).
  2. Join our Embedded Developer Program and download JetPack to get the latest software and tools.

Unboxing the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Developer Kit

Get an inside view of the new NVIDIA Jetson TX1 DevKit. It is the newest member of the Jetson platform., with even more performance and power efficiency than its predecessor, the Jetson TK1.

Embedded Deep Learning with Jetson

Watch this free webinar to get started developing applications with advanced AI and computer vision using NVIDIA's deep learning tools, including TensorRT and DIGITS.

OpenCV on NVIDIA Jetson: Episode 1: CV Mat Container

Learn to work with mat, OpenCV’s primary container. You’ll learn memory allocation for a basic image matrix, then test a CUDA image copy with sample grayscale and color images.

Double Your Deep Learning Performance with JetPack 2.3

Learn how to double your deep learning performance with JetPack 2.3. This all-in-one package bundles and installs all system software, tools, optimized libraries and APIs, along with providing examples so developers can quickly get up and running with their innovative designs. Key features include TensorRT, cuDNN 5.1, CUDA 8 and multimedia API.

For more video tutorials, visit us here.


NVIDIA Jetson Community

Have questions or issues about your Jetson TX1 Developer Kit?

Visit our Jetson TX1 Developer Forum

  1. If you aren’t already a member, join now. * Be sure to include your FRC team number.
  2. Click on “Create Topic”  
  3. Make sure to explain that you are from FIRST Robotics. A community member or seasoned NVIDIA person can help with your issues.

GitHub Resource

Explore code samples, tutorials and more on our Getting Started with Deep Learning GitHub Repo.

More Information

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