Your Second Program and beyond

By now you've learned how to code and deploy your first C++ program. This article highlights additional resources as you look to add features and move beyond the basics presented so far.

WPILib Programming

The two primary references on programming with WPILib are the WPILib Programming manual on this site and the WPILib C++ Reference installed in C:\WindRiver\docs\extensions\FRC. These resources will help you learn more about the classes available in WPILib some details about their usage.

Command Based Programming

The Command Based programming template is a way of structuring your code that helps enforce modularity, simplify parallelism and ensure that your program is always easily extensible. To learn more about the Command Based programming template see the Command Based Programming Manual and the Command Based programming video series from Brad Miller.


RobotBuilder is a software tool that simplifies much of the boiler plate code of the command based model using a graphical interface, to learn more see the RobotBuilder Manual and the Robot Builder series of videos.


The SmartDashboard is a software tool used to view feedback from your robot on the Driver Station computer. Additional information about the SmartDashboard can be found in the SmartDashboard manual.

Vision Processing

To learn more about vision processing for the 2013 game, see the Vision Processing manual.