Recent Updates

  • WPILib provides a RobotDrive object that handles most cases of driving the robot either in autonomous or teleop modes. It is created with either two or four speed controller objects. There are methods to drive with either Tank, Arcade, or Mecanum modes either programmatically or directly from Joysticks.

    Note: the examples illustrated in this section are generally correct but have not all been tested on actual robots. But should serve as a starting point for your projects.

  • Commands and Subsystems each are created as classes in C++. The plugin has built-in templates for both Commands and Subsystems to make it easier for you to add them to your program.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Creating a robot project - C++

    Create a command-based robot project by using one of the template projects that are provided with the Wind River Workbench plugins.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Installing the C++ Workbench plugin

    This article is about command based programming in C++. If using Java, click here.

    There is a plugin for Workbench that will make the creation and editing of command-based robot programs much simpler. The plugin had built-in templates for various types of commands, subsystems, and an overall robot program template. To use the plugin it must first be installed from the internet.

  • Due to timing constraints the copy of Wind River Workbench included on Classmate Images was activated using the 2013 license. This license will expire on January 31st, 2014. This article details how to activate the software using the 2014 license from the disc provided in your Kit of Parts.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Accessing and Using the Javadocs

    One of the primary sources of documentation for the WPILibJ code is the Javadoc documentation generated from specially formatted comments embedded throughout the code. This document will explain what it contained in these documents, how to access them and how to connect them to NetBeans when developing code.

  • This article details the installation of the SmartDashboard with Vision extensions, including the configuration of the Driver Station necessary to launch the installed dashboard.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    2014 Software Changelog and Known Issues

    This article describes changes to the libraries and tools and known issues for the released software as of the 2014 Kickoff.

    This includes updates for bug fixes and improvements since the 2014 kickoff.

    Updated 3/25/14

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Wiring the 2014 FRC Control System

    This document details the wiring of a basic electronics board for bench-top testing or to accompany the 2014 kitbot.

    The images shown in this section reflect the setup for a Robot Control System used with the KOP Drive System in the “narrow” configuration, using a 4-slot cRIO and Victor 888’s. The setup is similar for any other chassis setup or using an 8-slot cRIO and/or Jaguars/Talons. The setup also assumes the motor controllers will be used to control two (2) CIM’s in the robot’s drive train. For a bench-top setup, teams may use any 12V DC motors they choose.