Installing the C++ Workbench plugin

This article is about command based programming in C++. If using Java, click here.

There is a plugin for Workbench that will make the creation and editing of command-based robot programs much simpler. The plugin had built-in templates for various types of commands, subsystems, and an overall robot program template. To use the plugin it must first be installed from the internet.

Show Advanced Device Development Perspective

Select Window -> Open Perspective then click Advanced Device Development to open the perspective.

Install new software

Select "Install new software..." from the Help menu in Workbench.

Select the plugin location

Select the plugin location

Select "" in the "Work with" text field and check the box to the left of "FRC Cpp Development Tools" in the list of plugins. Click "Next>" and continue through the dialog boxes accepting the terms of the license and the certificate if prompted. When finished, allow Wind River Workbench to restart when prompted to do so.