Recent Updates

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    FRC Driver Station LabVIEW Dashboard

    The Dashboard application installed and launched by the FRC Driver Station is a LabVIEW program designed to provide teams with basic feedback from their robot, with the ability to expand and customize the information to suit their needs. The 2014 Dashboard includes a new record and playback feature allowing you to record video and dashboard data while operating your robot and play it back onto the dashboard later for debugging.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    FRC Driver Station Software

    This document details the operation of the FRC Driver Station software and explains the purpose and function of the controls and indicators it contains.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Enabling Test mode (LiveWindow)

    You may add code to your program to display values for your sensors and actuators while the robot is in Test mode. This can be selected from the Driver Station whenever the robot is not on the field. The code to display these values is automatically generated by RobotBuilder and is described in the next article. Test mode is designed to verify the correct operation of the sensors and actuators on a robot. In addition it can be used for obtaining setpoints from sensors such as potentiometers and for tuning PID loops in your code.

  • This document covers how to build and load an FRC LabVIEW program onto a cRIO. Before beginning, make sure that you have installed LabVIEW for FRC and the NI FRC Update and that you have imaged your cRIO as described in the Getting Started with the 2014 Control System manual.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Using the Classmate with your cRIO

    This document details the basics of connecting your Classmate Computer to a cRIO.

  • This document describes the procedure for creating a bootable USB drive to restore the 2014 FRC image on a Classmate computer. Note that Veteran teams are not required to re-image their Classmates. If you do not wish to re-image your Classmate you will need either a USB optical drive or to copy the contents of the NI FRC Update, and optionally the LabVIEW DVD (if programming in LabVIEW) or WindRiver DVD (if programming in C++) then you can start with the appropriate document for C++, Java, LabVIEW, or DS only.

    UPDATE 1/3/14: We discovered an error with the E09 Classmate Image E09_DRV_2014_161213. While we fix the image, here's a document on how you can correct the issue. E09_DRV_2014_030114 no longer has this issue.

  • This document outlines the procedure to image an E12 Classmate PC using the USB Stick provided in the 2014 Rookie Kit of Parts if necessary. Veteran teams may not need to image their machines, but should see the section on Image Download if they wish to do so.'

    Note that the Rookie Classmates are provided with a Windows 7 image installed and do not necessarily need to be imaged with the provided USB stick. If you are experiencing an issue with the Drive account or with activating Windows please see below.

    After the E12 Rookie machines were imaged and USB sticks were created an error was discovered that prevents the Driver Station from launching properly on the Driver Account. Teams can either follow the instructions located here to download and install one of the online images or follow the instructions below to fix the Driver account after imaging with the provided USB key.

  • This document covers the configuration of the Cypress FirstTouch module for use with the FRC Control System. Before using your Cypress FirstTouch I/O module, you must first program firmware into the USB chip on the board. Remember that you only need to do this step once per board. Make sure that you have the most recent version of the Driver Station software before proceeding.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Programming your radio for home use

    This guide will show you how to use the 2013 FRC Bridge Configuration Tool software to configure your robot's wireless bridge for use outside of FRC events.

    Before you begin using the software:

    1. Disable WiFi connections on your computer, as it may prevent the configuration utility from properly communicating with the bridge
    2. Make sure no devices are connected to your computer via ethernet, other than the wireless bridge.
  • This article details how to use the Austria Microsystems AS5145B Magnetic Encoder (FIRST Choice P/N fc-13-062) with the FRC Control System