Imaging your Classmate (Rookie USB stick)

This document outlines the procedure to image an E12 Classmate PC using the USB Stick provided in the 2014 Rookie Kit of Parts if necessary. Veteran teams may not need to image their machines, but should see the section on Image Download if they wish to do so.'

Note that the Rookie Classmates are provided with a Windows 7 image installed and do not necessarily need to be imaged with the provided USB stick. If you are experiencing an issue with the Drive account or with activating Windows please see below.

After the E12 Rookie machines were imaged and USB sticks were created an error was discovered that prevents the Driver Station from launching properly on the Driver Account. Teams can either follow the instructions located here to download and install one of the online images or follow the instructions below to fix the Driver account after imaging with the provided USB key.

Do Not Image Using Rookie USB Stick

We are currently investigating multiple reports of rookie E12 USB images failing to load. It is not recommended to image your Classmate using the USB Image provided in the KOP at this time. As noted above you can use the E12 as provided (with the fix below) or follow the instructions to download one of the online images and use that to re-image the machine.

Apply Driver Account Fix

Download the FRC 2014 Rookie E12 Image Fix from If you have downloaded the file on another machine transfer it to the Classmate PC using a flash drive, if you have downloaded it from the E12 directly, locate it in a folder you will be able to access from the Driver account. Unzip the file by right clicking and selecting Unzip All.

Log on to the Driver Account

Log on to the Driver Account. You should see the normal Windows environment load instead of the Driver Station.

Run the fix

Double click on the FRC _E12-DS_Update-2014-01.exe file to run the fix. You should see a Console Window appear and complete the fix. Reboot the computer and log on to the Driver Account. The machine should now load the Driver Station as expected.

Issues Activating Windows

If you are having issues activating Windows

Update Software

In order for the Classmates to arrive at Kickoff locations in time, they were shipped before the final version of the software was ready. To use the Classmate as a Driver Station you will need to install the 2014 NI FRC Update. To use the machine for development in C++ or Java you will also need to install the language update for the language of your choice: C++, Java. The LabVIEW Language update is included in the NI FRC Update.