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  • The goal of this document is to provide a brief overview of the hardware components that make up the 2014 FRC Control System. Each component will contain a brief description of the component function, a brief listing of critical connections, and a link to more documentation if available. Note that for complete wiring instructions/diagrams, please see the Wiring the 2014 Control System document, and the Power Distribution Diagram and Data Connectivity Diagram.

    Note that while many of the system components have been designed to tolerate reverse polarity input or short circuits o n the output, not all components are protected from all conditions. Teams should take caution to check that all wiring is secure and correct before connecting the battery after any wiring changes.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Getting Started with the SmartDashboard

    The SmartDashboard typically runs on the Driver Station computer and will do two functions:

    1. View robot data that is displayed as program status as your program is running.
    2. View sensor data and operate actuators in Test mode for robot subsystems to verify correct operation.

    The switch between program status and test modes are done on the Driver Station.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Configuring an Axis Camera

    Three different Axis camera models are supported by the FRC software, the Axis 206, Axis M1011, and Axis M1013. This document provides instructions on how to configure one of these cameras for FRC use. To follow the instructions in this document, an installation of 2014 NI FRC Update is required.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Imaging your cRIO

    Before imaging your cRIO, you must have completed installation of the the development environment and language updates for the appropriate programming language (C++, Java, LabVIEW).You must also complete the NI FRC Update installation. You also must have the cRIO power properly wired to the Power Distribution board (see this document for instructions)

  • This year the NI updates have been reconfigured into a single standalone installer. This means that the FRC Driver Station, cRIO Imaging Tool and other utilities such as the Camera Configuration Tool will all be bundled into a single installer which will not require any components from the DVD. The LabVIEW update is also included in this installer and will install if a LabVIEW installation is detected. To use the DS and Imaging tool all teams must install the 2014 NI Update.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Debugging a Robot Program

    Debugging the robot program is slightly more complex and can't be used during the competition matches, but can be a very helpful technique for troubleshooting issues with a robot program. Debugging allows you to stop, start and step through the execution of a program and view the values of program variables as you do so. To debug an FRC Java program, first the program has to start, and then you must attach the NetBeans debugger to the running program.

  • Commands are easily tested by adding a button to the SmartDashboard to trigger the command. In this way, no integration with the rest of the robot program is necessary and commands can easily be independently tested. This is the easiest way to verify commands since with a single line of code in your program, a button can be created on the SmartDashboard that will run the command. These buttons can then be left in place to verify subsystems and command operations in the future.

    This has the added benefit of accommodating multiple programmers, each writing commands. As the code is checked into the main robot project, the commands can be individually tested.

    Manual RobotBuilder
  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    Overview of RobotBuilder

    Creating a program with RobotBuilder is a very straight forward procedure by following a few steps that are the same for any robot. This lesson describes the steps that you can follow. You can find more details about each of these steps in subsequent sections of the document.

    See How to write an easy to test robot program for more information about the basic steps in creating a program to control your robot.

    In addition to the text documentation provided here, a series of videos about Robot Builder are also available.

    Manual RobotBuilder
  • The command based programming model is designed to simplify creating very easy to write and especially easy to test robot programs. All the pieces come together when it's time to see how your program works so that pieces developed by multiple programmers can be integrated and tested with the main robot program.

  • Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

    2014 FRC Software Component Overview

    The 2014 FRC Control System consists of a wide variety of mandatory and optional software components designed to assist you in the design, development and debugging of your robot code, control robot operation, and provide feedback to assist with troubleshooting. For each software component this document will provide a brief overview of its purpose, a link to the package download if appropriate, and a link to further documentation where available.