Installing the 2014 FRC NI Update (for ALL TEAMS)

This year the NI updates have been reconfigured into a single standalone installer. This means that the FRC Driver Station, cRIO Imaging Tool and other utilities such as the Camera Configuration Tool will all be bundled into a single installer which will not require any components from the DVD. The LabVIEW update is also included in this installer and will install if a LabVIEW installation is detected. To use the DS and Imaging tool all teams must install the 2014 NI Update.

Uninstall Old Versions (Optional)

Before installing the new version of LabVIEW it is recommended to remove any old versions, note that old versions will coexist with the new version, but the license for the FRC 2012 software will be expiring very shortly. Make sure to back up any team code located in the "User\LabVIEW Data" directory before uninstalling. Then click Start >> Control Panel >> Uninstall a Program. Locate the entry labeled "National Instruments Software", right-click on it and select Uninstall/Change.

Select Components to Uninstall

In the left pane of the dialog box that appears, select all entries. The easiest way to do this is to click the top entry to highlight it, then scroll down to the bottom entry, press and hold shift and click on the last entry then release shift. Click Remove. Wait for the uninstaller to complete and reboot if prompted.


If you will be using LabVIEW to program your robot or if you wish to use the NI Vision Assistant software, install LabVIEW from the DVD before applying the NI Update. C++ and Java teams not using NI Vision Assistant do not need to install anything from the DVD.

Download the NI Update

Unzip the Update

Locate and right click on the downloaded file and select Extract All to Unzip. By default the files will be unzipped to the current directory, press Browse if you wish to unzip to a different location. Click Extract to complete the operation.

Note that the update is currently still encrypted with the 2014 game password 3Zones2Goals1Alliance!

Run Installer

Browse down into the folder structure until you locate the installer Setup.exe. Double click on the installer to launch the installation. Click Next to advance.

Select Components

On the Product List screen, click Next to advance. The LabVIEW Update will detect if LabVIEW is installed and will automatically determine whether to install or not.

Search for Updates

Uncheck the box to search for updates then click Next.

Enter Serial Number

Enter your name or computer name and organization if desired. Enter the serial number from the NI DVD in your Kit of Parts in the box and click Next.


Click the I accept bubble to indicate you accept the 4 licenses displayed on the tabs. Then click Next to proceed.

Installation Review

Click Next to start the installation.

Finish Installation

After the installation completes, click Finish to exit the installer.

Imaging Your cRIO

Now that you have the software tools installed and updated, the next step is to image your cRIO controller.