Startup Checklist

This is a checklist of things to check before and as soon as turning on the robot. This list was provided by CSA Laura Rhodes, FRC Team 100

Check robot ready to start

  • Verify no loose wires/tools/debris around robot electronics
  • All hands clear of pinch points
  • All personnel clear of robot actuators
  • No dangling connectors (wrap any exposed connectors on temporary disconnections in electrical tape and secure loose wire using cable ties)
  • Ethernet cables to laptop clear of chains and other moving components
  • Verify Ethernet cables plugged in
  • Start Driver Station and have operator be ready to hit spacebar and/or Enter if necessary to disable robot
  • Connect Battery

Verify power lights

Power distribution board

  • 12V LED
  • 24V LED
  • no circuits tripped LEDs

Digital Sidecar

  • 5V LED
  • 6V LED
  • RSL blinking as expected


  • Green power LED
  • No other status LEDs on (unless so programmed)
  • LED next to Ethernet connection flashing with communications


  • Power indication

Axis Camera

  • Power LEDs (on rear)
  • Glow around lens with communications

Speed Controllers (Jaguar, Talon or Victor)

  • Blinking orange to indicate power on/disabled
  • Fans on Victors spinning
  • Verify that all speed controller’s LED’s stop blinking orange when the Robot is Enabled (solid orange/yellow for neutral)

Driver's station

  • Wait for Green lights for “Communications” and “Robot Code” on Driver Station
  • Change mode to “Enabled” by clicking on “Enable” on Driver Station