Using the NI Parkway System for Help at an Event

If you have any Control System issue at your event that you need assistance with, each event has at least one Control System Advisor who is there to help. This year FRC will be using the NI Parkway system to help teams connect with the CSA and indicate they have an issue. The Parkway System can be accessed using the Parkway Kiosk found at your event (ask Pit Admin if you can't locate it) or via a mobile device.

Getting to Parkway

If using the Parkway Kiosk, you should already be on the Parkway homepage, if not you can press Alt+Home or Alt+Back until you reach the home page. If accessing Parkway from a mobile device enter in your web browser.

Make a Request

To enter a request for assistance, click on the Make Request button, you will be shown a list of Live events in the right pane. Click on the appropriate event from the list of Live Events.

Select Team Number

Click on the Select Team dropdown and pick the appropriate Team Number from the list. Enter a description of the request/issue in the box, and then click Submit.

Viewing Requests

To view or respond to a request (including leaving a comment or closing a request) click the Help Out button on the NI Parkway home page. Click on the appropriate event from the list of Live Events in the right pane. Numbers listed next to the event describe the number of open requests.

Select a Request

A list of teams with Open Requests will be shown at the top of the page (with a summary of the latest request below the team number). A list of all teams at the event will be immediately below it. To search for team or request use the search box at the top. To view a team’s request(s) click on the team number.

Request Page

The View Request page has the following buttons/information:

  1. Request Info The Request number and Summary are displayed at the top of right pane
  2. Comments All comments on the request are displayed in the collapsible element under the request summary
  3. Mark/Unmark as solution Each comment has a check or minus underneath which allows you to mark or unmark the comment as the solution. Marking comment as a solution will close the request. Unmarking a comment as the solution will re-open the request. To close a request there must be at least one comment to be marked as the solution
  4. Add Comment Press this button to display the Add Comment dialog. Enter the name you want displayed above the comment and the comment text, and then click Submit.
  5. XXXX Team Data button Click to view or update the team data page (contains information such as software language and usage of advanced features such as vision)
  6. Other Requests Shows any other requests this team has made, including requests that have been closed. This data is persistent across events so if a team has been to a previous event, their requests from that event will also display here.
  • An “!” next to a request shows the request is open.