Reporting Progress

For 2019 we are going back to posting Task reports in the Discussion section of the Teamforge project. There will be a topic for each task and reports will be posted as replies to that topic. We hope that this will make it easier for teams to see what other teams have been doing and any CS Team replies to other team's reports. Another goal is to hopefully reduce confusion about where or how to post reports and manage the other fields that were present in the old tracker system.

In order to help us track team participation, please post your team number as part of your task reports.

Accessing the Task Reports Section

To access the Task Reports section on Teamforge, click on the Discussions tab, then click on the Task Reports section.

The Task Reports Section

In the Task Reports section, you will see a Topic for each task. To see the reports and discussion for this task, click on the Topic Name. (Note: this example image only has a single Task).

Reporting Progress

Each Topic will have a summary post at the top with suggested feedback. When you have completed the task, click Reply on this top summary post to post your report. Then compose or paste your report into the editor and click Save.

We strongly prefer reports be done as text posts as opposed to attachments.