Robot Quick Build Overview

Robot Quick Build Sessions (RQBS) are sessions held (typically) right after kickoff to help teams jump-start their season by getting the base chassis put together with the help of veteran mentors.

The instructions used for RQBS can also be seen as sort of a "Quick start" guide to building your robot even if you did not attend one of these sessions.

Requred Materials

  • ToolsThe AM14U chassis documentation has a list of tools necessary for mechanical assembly. For electrical wiring  and board installation you will need: 
    • Wago Tool or other medium flat-head screwdriver
    • Very small flat-head screwdriver and Philips head screwdriver
    • 5mm Hex key (3/16” may work if metric is unavailable, but use carefully) and a 1/16” hex key
    • Wire cutters, strippers, and crimpers
    • 7/16” box end wrench or nut driver
    • 6 AWG wire crimper or vise to crimp compression lugs for the battery, PDP and 120A breaker.
    • USB A male to USB B male cable for imaging and programming the roboRIO 
    • Tool to cut 1/4"- 1/2" plywood board to appropriate size
    • Drill with 3/16” drill bit and Philips head bit
  • Materials: In addition to what is contained in the KoP, you will need:
    • ¼” – ½” Plywood control board (for exact sizes, see Installing Electrical Board for RQBS)
    • Pan Philips Head Machine Screws with nuts for electrical board attachment. Note: The AM14U kit may have a small number of extra
      • Option 1 requires (8) 10-32 x 1in and (4) 10-32 x 1.5in
      • Option 2 requires (4) 10-32 x 1in 

Basic Steps

The basic steps to get a running robot using the Robot Quick Build style are:

  • Assemble AM14U chassis (this can be done in parallel with wiring below)
  • Cut electronics Board
  • Wire electronics board according to Wiring the FRC Control System until you reach the red text telling you to stop (after installing Circuit Breakers)
  • Install Electronics Board on Robot
  • Finish Wiring

Quick Build complete! Proceed to Getting Started with the Control System (skip wiring) to get your Control System up and running to program your robot.

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