Installing Electrical Board for RQBS

Electrical Board Options

There are two options provided for Robot Quick Build electrical boards with 4 sizes provided for each.

  • Option 1 - This option uses two thin strips to support a rectangular board above the top of the chassis.
  • Option 2 - This option uses a board wit a U-shaped cutout to accommodate the battery box when mounting inside the chassis.


  • Testing - This size accommodates the chassis if assembled un-cut. This is the recommended configuration for Kickoff Quick Builds where teams do not yet have enough information about their design to make a decision about robot sizing. Note: This size is not a competition legal robot size
  • The other 3 options correspond to the cut chassis sizes described in the AM14U documentation.

Download the Zip file below and choose one of the options for your robot.

AM14U preparation

Unlike prior years it is recommended to complete the AM14U chassis construction prior to installing the electronics. This is true for either "option".

Electrical board preparation

Electrical board preparation

Complete the "Wiring the FRC Control System" assembly instructions up to and including the circuit breakers step.

Option 1 Installation

Support Strips

Requires: drill, 3/16" drill bit, (8) 10-32 x 1" pan philips head machine screw, (8) 10-32 nylock nuts, philips head screw driver, wrench

Locate the 2 support strips on the chassis as shown: Flush with the front rail on the front of the robot, 6 holes forward on the back on the robot (the back of the board is approximately centered on the churro tube).

Drill holes in the support boards matching the chassis holes (it's recommended to mark/punch the holes from below, then remove the board to drill) and fasten using 10-32 machine screws.

Main Board

Requires: drill, 3/16" drill bit, (4) 10-32 x 2" pan Philips head machine screw, (4) 10-32 nylock nuts, Philips head screw driver, wrench

Locate the main board above the support strips as shown. Near each corner, match drill a hole through both pieces of wood. Secure with 10-32 hardware.

Option 2 Installation

Remove chassis front

Remove the front channel from the chassis by removing all fasteners (top and bottom) and sliding the channel away from the remaining chassis pieces.

Board placement

Insert the board into the chassis so the U-shaped cutout surrounds the battery tray.

Re-attach front rail

Re-attach front rail of chassis.

Securing the electrical board

Chassis orientation

Chassis orientation

Flip the drive base so that the bottom of the electrical board is exposed.

Drilling holes
Drilling holes

Requires: drill, 3/16" drill bit

Drill 4 holes in the corners of the electrical board using a 3/16" drill bit and the hole pattern on the end rails as a guide.

Installing fasteners
Installing fasteners


Insert 4, 10-32 x 1" Philips pan head machine screws from the bottom of the electrical board through both the end rail and the board. Secure them from the top with 4, 10-32 nylock nuts.

Electrical board wiring

Electrical board wiring

Complete the remaining steps in the "Wiring the FRC Control System" (motor power and battery connections)