Exporting overview

This article provides a brief overview of the process of exporting your robot from Solidworks. For more detailed instructions, refer to the next article: Exporting A Solidworks Model To Gazebo.

An overview of the process of exporting a Solidworks model to Gazebo

Once you have made your robot model in Solidworks, there is some more information you must provide through the following steps:

  1. Set the robot name and frame-of-reference in the "Manage Robot" window. Steps 2-6 will also be done from the "Manage Robot" window.
  2. Add/remove links and connect/disconnect links with joints.
  3. Create collision models as a new Solidworks Configuration.
  4. Set each link by selecting SolidWorks components and setting various property values. For more info about selecting components, see the article Assigning components to links.
  5. Set each joint by setting its type and various property values. For a list of currently supported joints and their properties, see the article Setting joint
  6. Add attachments, which may be actuators (e.g. piston) or sensors (e.g. gyro). For info about currently supported attachments, see the article Adding Motors and Sensors to a model.
  7. Verify that the necessary info has been provided, and export your robot from the "Export" window.
  8. Transfer your robot files in your computer to access in Gazebo. For more info, see the article Importing a Model into Gazebo
An overview of the process of exporting a Solidworks model to Gazebo

Exporter Settings

Exporter Settings

Exporter settings are settings that are used for all assemblies/robots:

  • Enable FRCSim Components - Check to enable addition of FRCsim attachments and sensors like motors, gyros, etc and for the option to export your robot in a world with an FRC Field.
  • Enable Debug Mode - Check to disable certain safety checks and enable all side tags.

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