Recent Updates

  • Updated on: Jan 10, 2014

    Imaging your cRIO

    Before imaging your cRIO, you must have completed installation of the the development environment and language updates for the appropriate programming language (C++, Java, LabVIEW).You must also complete the NI FRC Update installation. You also must have the cRIO power properly wired to the Power Distribution board (see this document for instructions)

  • In addition to formatting the cRIO, the Imaging Tool can also be used to configure the programming language and a few other settings on the cRIO.

  • WPILib provides a RobotDrive object that handles most cases of driving the robot either in autonomous or teleop modes. It is created with either two or four speed controller objects. There are methods to drive with either Tank, Arcade, or Mecanum modes either programmatically or directly from Joysticks.

    Note: the examples illustrated in this section are generally correct but have not all been tested on actual robots. But should serve as a starting point for your projects.

  • This year the NI updates have been reconfigured into a single standalone installer. This means that the FRC Driver Station, cRIO Imaging Tool and other utilities such as the Camera Configuration Tool will all be bundled into a single installer which will not require any components from the DVD. The LabVIEW update is also included in this installer and will install if a LabVIEW installation is detected. To use the DS and Imaging tool all teams must install the 2014 NI Update.

  • Updated on: Jan 04, 2014

    Installing the Java development tools

    The development tools necessary for building Java robot programs consist of the Java Software Developers Kit, Netbeans (the Interactive Development Environment), and the FRC Plugins for Netbeans that add the necessary FRC specific components.

    We have been testing with Java SE SDK version 7+ and NetBeans version 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. While we believe everything will work with previous versions we have not tested all the combinations. We suggest that you upgrade earlier versions to these to ensure you are running on a tested combination.

    If you already have Netbeans installed, skip down to "Un-installing the previous version of the plugins".

  • This article details the installation procedure for the FRC Specific C++ components including the WPILib Workbench Update, the NI Tools and the optional JRE installation.

  • Updated on: Jan 02, 2014

    Creating Simple Commands

    This article describes the basic format of a Command and walks through an example of creating a command to drive your robot with Joysticks.

  • Updated on: Jan 02, 2014

    2014 FRC Software Component Overview

    The 2014 FRC Control System consists of a wide variety of mandatory and optional software components designed to assist you in the design, development and debugging of your robot code, control robot operation, and provide feedback to assist with troubleshooting. For each software component this document will provide a brief overview of its purpose, a link to the package download if appropriate, and a link to further documentation where available.

  • Updated on: Jan 02, 2014

    Installing LabVIEW for FRC 2014

    Note: This installation is for teams programming in LabVIEW or using NI Vision Assistant only. C++ and Java teams not using these features do not need to install from the DVD.

  • Updated on: Dec 31, 2013

    FRC Driver Station Software

    This document details the operation of the FRC Driver Station software and explains the purpose and function of the controls and indicators it contains.